Hello Everyone,

Version 4.5 is now released.

After Version 4.3 some fixes and updates were written but not released, this version includes those fixes.

More importantly it has now been updated to work for the new “Abyss” lands and buildings.

Now that the bot has been updated to work for these new lands we will resume fixing any issues you are having with the bot over the coming weeks.

You can download the updated version here:

All Bot Versions Here
Box.Net – V4.5
CoreBot – V4.5
Filedropper – V4.5
MegaFileUpload – V4.5

If you have any troubles leave a comment and we will look into fixing them.

Thank you,


Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the latest version of the bot V4.3 which now allows up to 4 accounts to be used simultaneously as long as you have an Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome browsers installed. You can start the bot with 1-4 accounts using any of the browsers available that you have. We will be looking to add at least IE Private and Mozilla Private browsers in the near future.

A List Of Updates Included In V4.3 Are:

Added Chrome
Added Chrome Private
Added Third Account
Added Forth Account
Added Additional Diagnostic Information 
Fix: Incompatible Troops Error
Fix: Haunting:The Escape Item Exclusions
Potential Fix: Starting Error
Potential Fix: Cant Run Minimized
Potential Fix: Proxy Remaining On After Bot Closed
Changed: Starting URL is now www.kawbotting.com/play/ instead of www.kawbotting.com 
Changed: Removed Allies Tab Sequence From Random Activity To Stop Potential Sale Of Ally


Have a problem with V4.3? Or have some ideas for future updates? Come visit and join our online forums at http://kawbot.forum-pro.co.uk/

Thanks Everyone,



KAWBotting User Forum

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks to a really dedicated user we now also have a user-based proper styled forum available at http://kawbot.forum-pro.co.uk/

It can also be accessed by the Forum Menu at the top of the page, so please drop in, register and chat with all our other users.


Hello Everyone,

As suggested by one of our users we have opened a Forum for discussion of:

  1. Kingdoms At War
  2. KAW Bots
  3. KAW Cheats
  4. KAWBotting Bot Support
  5. KAWBotting Bot Feedback
  6. KAWBotting Bot Discussion
  7. KAWBotting Bot Errors/Need To Fix

It is located through Reddit at http://www.reddit.com/r/kawbotting

Of course discussion/sharing of Auth Codes will result in a ban and your auth code will be revoked without refund, however all other related topics are encouraged and we are hoping this forum will provide a more cohesive support environment for new users and a platform for discussion future upgrades/errors that need to be fixed.

We have also uploaded a minor upgraded version of the bot V4.2.2 which includes the following fixes:

  • Troops In Second Account Change Properly
  • Bot Can Be Resized Before Start
  • Bot Now Detects How Long EB Has Been Going For/How Long Til New EB Starts and Starts at Appropriate Time
  • If Bot Doesn’t Start Properly It Provides A More Informative Error Information
Happy Botting + Forum-ing :)

Note: V4.2.1 Has fixed the issues of the full version accounts being stopped after 30 minutes as a trial.

Hello Everyone,

As part of this new update the Bot now allows you to bot 2 accounts at the same time.

Once you have downloaded and installed the new bot, you can bot two accounts by clicking the + button on the right of the window, choose a browser to open the second account in (must be different to the browser the first account is in) and then choosing the settings for the new account. Once you have clicked “Add Account” (where the start button is), you need to swap back to the first account and start the bot as per usual.

When you swap tabs between the first and second account the settings displayed/changed will be for the account that is currently showing.


Other Updates Included:

  • Bot’s Random Activity should no longer randomly attack people or do other unwanted actions.
  • Bot Will Not Start New EB’s


What The Future Holds:

As this update included a huge rework of existing code some errors may be present, so in the coming weeks we will be concentrating on improving the stability of the bot and fixing any error’s that users have. This will be a long slow process however we hope to build a really stable bot that will work non-stop.

We will also be adding further browsers and extra accounts that can be botted at the same time, our goal is to be able to bot 4 accounts simultaneously and will be working on accomplishing this in the coming weeks. A lot of the backend work has already been done for 4 accounts so all that is required is to embed different browsers.

Happy Botting,



Purchase Links Fixed

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Small Update: The Purchase Links for the bot have now been fixed, we apologise to any customers who attempted to buy the bot over the last week and were unable to.

You can purchase the bot from any of the links on our webpage or by clicking the link below:

PURCHASE KAW: Epic Battle Bot FOR $25.00 USD.

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay on the much anticipated multi-account update, our programmers have already completed a large portion of this update however have been unable to work the last week. Work will commence again tomorrow where we will be looking to release the Multi-Account update as well as other error fixes to the bot by the end of next week.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend turning off the “Perform Random Activity” for the time being as misclicks/lag have caused allys/buildings to be sold. This issue will be looked into thoroughly and we hope to have it fixed in the next update. We truly apologise to anyone who had this issue occur to them.

Happy Botting,