Hey Everyone,

As thanks for your patience waiting for our latest updates we would like to run another sale from today (the 12th of March) until the 19th of March. You will be able to buy the bot for $15 USD instead of the usual $25.

To purchase the bot for the discounted price you can simply click the link below or send the money manually via paypal to kawbotting@Hotmail.com


Regarding the new updates, thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. We would love to continue receiving your feedback and ideas for updates and will do our best to implement them as we can.

Thanks Again and Happy Botting,


Hey Again,

Another small update as requested by you, we looked into the issue in Smoke Signals Phase 3 and believe we have fixed the issues with the bot not attacking in this section.

Once gain we ask if there are any problems with the bot or you have any suggestions for the bot, please comment or email us and we will add it to the list of updates.

Happy Botting,


Hey Everyone,

Just a small update on V3.6 described below. We had some comments on Haunting – The Escape not working in V3.6 and believe we have fixed this in this version.

Again we ask if there are any problems with the bot or you have any suggestions for the bot, please comment or email us and we will add it to the list of updates.

Happy Botting


Hey everyone,

We are happy to announce our new update to the bot V3.6, we have made many of the changes you have been asking for and are working on many more in the coming weeks. As part of this update we did a massive rework and restructure of our code and as such there may be some odd bugs here and there that weren’t in previous versions. However this new restructure will make updating the bot much easier for us in the future.

If you encounter any problems with this version, or have any suggestions you would like to make/updates you would like to see, Please comment here or email us and we will add them to our update list.

The Updates Completed In This Bot Include:

  • Massive Restructure of Existing Code
  • Allows Users To Now Use Pots While Attacking – to use this functionality in the bot go to options, extended setting, and you can choose up to 4 potions to use while attacking/spying (You do not need to choose all 4, if you only want 1 just fill in the first slot) – IMPORTANT: Make sure you have enough of the potions you will be using during Bot Usage.
  • Fixed the problems with Revenge of the Warbeasts.
  • Hopefully fixed the Mochi misclicks and non-loading issues.
  • Hopefully fixed the problems with Glacial Squall (if not please email us a detailed description of the stage of EB and what goes wrong).
  • Added function to stop bot after X minutes – So if you want to run the bot for 2 hours before it stopping you can enter 120 minutes (This option is also found in Extended Settings).
  • Allow Users to Resize Bot Window – You are now able to resize the bot window, however for the time being once the bot is started it will revert to its normal size (this should allow you to mute music, etc, before starting the bot).
  • Many Other Small Bug Fixes

Happy Botting :)


Hey Everyone,

As everyone will most probably be aware our Christmas discount promotion is completed and we hope you have all had an amazing Christmas, New Years and general Happy Holidays.

You can now download version 3.5 of the bot which includes the following fixes and additions:

- SPLIT TROOPS/SPYS: You can now choose troop levels for Spys/Troops separately, allowing you to have unique settings for both, as many of you requested.

- ITEM EXCLUSIONS: You can now Allow/Disallow items for Haunting: The Escape as many have mentioned that these items stages in this EB are often given to seal holders. We would also like for you to message in other EB’s where you would like the option of Allowing/Disallowing Items individually (as some other EB’s may have item stages for particular people).

- FIX: Also for Haunting: The Escape there was an error where the bot was using the incorrect item, we believe we have now fixed this problem.

We hope this fixes some of the problems you were experiencing and adds the additional features you were requesting. We will still be working on adding additional features already requested by users.

Happy Botting,



Hey Everyone,

The New EB Smoke Signals is now included in the Epic Battle Bot, simply download the new version from the left sidebar or from the “Download Bot Client” tab above.

This new bot version also includes a small bug fix (a little misclicking issue), as well as hopefully addressing the issue where the bot would close incorrectly leaving its proxy on.

In this new version you will see a new button down the bottom of the bot called “Safe Close”, if you have been having troubles with the bot closing down correctly (or at any time in reality) we recommend clicking this button to close your bot rather than the red X as you would a regular program.

Also we would like to post a friendly reminder that authentication code sharing is strictly prohibited (even if it is the season for giving) and anyone found doing so will have their code banned.

Finally as posted yesterday the Christmas Sale has been extended until the 20th of December, You can purchase it from this link for the discounted price: SALE ENDED

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Botting


Hey Everyone,

We have decided to extend the Christmas Sale for another week to thank you for your continued support.

As noted in the previous post this may be the cheapest the bot will ever be and our sale will continue until the 20th of December 2013, for $9.99

You can purchase it from this link for the discounted price: SALE ENDED

Thanks Everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Botting!