To thank you all for your patience and support for the new updates we would like to provide a week long Discount Sale for the bot which will run from Today (29th August) until (4th September). You can purchase the discounted version of the bot from the link below.



Hello Again,

As discussed last week, we have been working on a completely overhauled version of the bot which is now available for download in the sidebar or from the “Download Bot” tab. Due to the huge code changes to the bot it should be considered a BETA Version, i.e. there may be small issues/errors that have not been detected. Therefore if you encounter any problems, please email or comment and we will work on fixing them ASAP.

In Other News:
1. We will be having another Bot Discount Sale starting later today, we will post about this very soon.
2. We will now be working on the Multiple Account Update that was requested and will keep you posted on the progress.

<———————— You can download the latest version in the sidebar.

A breakdown of the updated features are below:

1. Faster Action Finding: Bot now continually searches for available attacks/assassinates/scouts/steals/items, allowing these actions to be performed faster.

2. Faster Item's: Due to the above upgrade the bot is now A LOT faster at finding when item stages have begun, this is most evident with The Haunting and The Haunting: Escape where the bot is able to find the item stage and begin actions almost immediately (where it would often miss these item stages previously).

3. More Fail Safes: When things go wrong you may come back to find you bot hasn't performed any actions for a while, this has been improved in this version with checks performed when actions not performed properly and when no actions for 20 min intervals. (This will continue to be improved upon in future versions).

4. Random Activity: The bot will now occasionally perform random activities while waiting to regenerate, these random events vary from checking clan members, to completing a quest, to buying a potion. There are 59 different random actions that can be performed in a random sequence of up to 3 actions. (For those playing at home that's over 200,000 random action sequences (59*59*59)+(59*59)+(59)). These actions can be turned on/off from the menu before starting the bot.

5. Extended Trial Version: The Trial Version has now been increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

6. Various Bug Fixes.

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce the first version of our bot that runs in the background! Yep you can minimize, check your Facebook, play a game or do whatever you want while the bot works in the background. In this version we recommend not opening any other Kingdoms At War windows however.

We are also working on a complete overhaul of the bot mechanics which will be released next week. This new version of the bot (Version 3.9) is the current version of the bot with the background mechanics implemented, therefore larger changes and error fixes may not have been implemented until the version next week.

Therefore Version 3.9 is essentially a Beta Version as the technology implemented has only had minor testing so far, so if you find any errors or bugs please email or leave a comment and we will work to fix them.

<———————— You can download the latest version in the sidebar.

In Other News: The Summoner is now implemented in this bot.

Happy Botting!


Thank you everyone for your votes so far,

It has been loud and clear that the most wanted feature in the bot is for it to run in the background. After a lot of research into this we are happy to announce that this has been ACHIEVED and after a short testing period we will be releasing a bot that runs in the background (i.e. you will be able to use your computer as usual, with the bot minimized as it runs).

The second most chosen feature has been for the bot to cycle through multiple accounts, this has been noted and is next on the agenda after the release of the background update.

We have adjusted the following poll by removing the background bot and cycling multiple account options, as these are currently being implemented. We have also added in other user suggestions for you to vote on.

So Please Continue To:

1. Vote on your most wanted NEW updates to the bot.
2. Comment with any bugs the bot currently has
3. Add any suggestions for NEW updates to the bot.

Daily Updates On Our Progress:
17/08/14: Developed background system for IE version of the bot, allows bot to work minimised, behind windows, etc.
18/08/14: Developed above system for Firefox version of the bot.
19/08/14: Testing Background System (Working Well!). Currently performing huge re-development of the clicking system including how/when it performs activity, stopping it from performing wrong actions and adding more human-like interactions into the system.
20/08/14: Multiple Error Fixes for the major overhaul version.
21/08/14: Fixed Pop Up Detection, Fixed Multiple Errors, Fixed being able to not do any attacks/spys, Make sure stops attacking at end of EB. Still haven’t implemented the final touches for The Summoner EB, therefore waiting another day before initial update release.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your patience for the next update, we have cleared our schedule and are excited to announce that the bot has our undivided attention for the next few weeks.

As such we will be looking to fix any current errors the bot has, include the newest EB’s and create new update content. We have included a poll below for you to vote on which NEW features you would most like to see, we have included some previously suggested options however feel free to add your own.

Please be aware that although some updates are ideal (such as Bot working in the Background) they may not be possible at this time, however with enough interest we will heavily look into these options.

So to make this update period the most beneficial we ask the following from you:

1. Vote For Which NEW Updates You Most Want To See (Can Vote For Up To 3).
2. Add Any NEW Updates You Want To See To The Poll.
3. Leave Comments On This Post For Any Specific Errors The Bot Has.

Happy Botting


Hey Everyone,

As thanks for your patience waiting for our latest updates we would like to run another sale from today (the 12th of March) until the 19th of March. You will be able to buy the bot for $15 USD instead of the usual $25.

To purchase the bot for the discounted price you can simply click the link below or send the money manually via paypal to


Regarding the new updates, thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. We would love to continue receiving your feedback and ideas for updates and will do our best to implement them as we can.

Thanks Again and Happy Botting,


Hey Again,

Another small update as requested by you, we looked into the issue in Smoke Signals Phase 3 and believe we have fixed the issues with the bot not attacking in this section.

Once gain we ask if there are any problems with the bot or you have any suggestions for the bot, please comment or email us and we will add it to the list of updates.

Happy Botting,